Popular CMS Solutions

Today there are hundreds of CMS available for building any website. Every CMS (Content Management System) has its own features that make it different from others. If you are looking for the best CMS for your website then you need to decide it by yourself by keeping the requirements of your website in your mind. Below is the brief description about the popular CMS of the world.


WordPress is an old website that was used for blogging only in the previous decade. A decade before the WordPress developer built a Content Management System platform and this CMS platform is the most popular platform in the world right now. If you really want to judge its popularity then you will be surprised to know that the most popular social media website Facebook is built using WordPress. Not only are this 23% of all the websites built in WordPress. The key reason behind the popularity and success of WordPress CMS are the features that it provides to the users. Some of the Key features of WordPress are:


  • The easiest CMS to operate and manage
  • Easy to access
  • Different systems to access the server
  • WordPress CMS is the cheapest CMS than all the CMS. All the features of WordPress are available at the lowest rates as compared to other.
  • Every day hundreds of themes, templates and plug-ins are created by the developers of WordPress and are accessible by the users.
  • When it comes to Search Engine optimization then it is the best platform because it is an open source platform and it is compatible with Google.
  • The updates of WordPress software are generated frequently
  • WordPress platform is also used for developing e-commerce websites

WordPress CMS is the best platform for developing website.


Joomla is an open source and is PHP based CMS platform. It works on the MySQL database interface. Through Joomla not only websites can be developed but it is also used as an application development tool.  Here are some key features of Joomla Content Management System:

  • Joomla is open source Content Management System that offers more than 60 languages.
  • Joomla CMS offers the most extensions than any other Content management System; there are about 7900 extensions available in Joomla.
  • Joomla is the easiest CMS to edit content at the front end of the website. The drag and drop extension makes it the easiest CMS.
  • Joomla Updates and versions are updates frequently.



It is also an open source Content Management System and the CMS is best for the development of informative, social media, member, forum, blogs and portal websites. The platform is also used for developing web applications. It is also used most in the world but it is not as much popular than WordPress or Joomla because the platform is heavier. However, below are the popular websites that are developed in Drupal.

  • NASA
  • Intel
  • Twitter
  • White House
  • Warner brothers

The above are the popular CMS solutions that will help you to select the right CMS platform.

Price Comparison Of Different CMS

Are you looking for the cheapest Content Management system with high number of features? Well it is not an easy task to decide but below is the cost comparison of different CMS that will help you to decide which CMS is best for you according to your website requirements.

You might be building a website for your business to earn money and it is the case with the CMS owners they deliver quality services to earn profit. The cost cannot be determined on one single point, as the CMS provides variety of services like theme, templates, plug-ins, software, updates, administration, management, domain, hosting etc and each service will cost you a little. Every CMS has different rates for their different features but it is not possible to avail the different services of different CMS for your single website. If you will go with one CMS then you have to purchase the feature’s services from the same CMS.

Cost Comparison With respect to CMS:

Below is the cost comparison of different features of different CMS.


  1. WordPress:

WordPress CMS is the most used CMS right now, most of the people think that it is the cheapest CMS to use and you will find the answer after reading all the comparison prices. Here is the cost of WordPress features:

  • Domains: If you purchase a domain from WordPress, it has a fixed price of $12.
  • Hosting: Hosting is monthly and yearly based. On monthly basis hosting, is $10 to $30 a month, depending on the membership plans that you want to chose for your website.
  • Themes: Generally, all the basic themes available on the WordPress website are free but the premium themes do cost from $15 to $200. Some themes are for the specific period and some are licensed on yearly or monthly basis.

If you go on a rough total, WordPress CMS can cost you from $200 to $1000 or more .

  1. Magento:

It is a powerful CMS tool to build eCommerce website. Since the platform is only for the e-Commerce website and it maintains heavy amount of data, so you will be shocked to read the cost of Magento CMS. The eCommerce website needs security as the platform is used for international marketing and for the business of thousand to billions of dollars. Therefore, Magento provides many features that cost most.

  • Custom Features: The custom featured CMS will cost $35,000
  • Framework: It will cost you $18,000.


  1. Joomla:

It is a powerful interface to build website with extreme number of features. The services cost of Joomla are:

  • Domain: To register domain using Joomla platform will cost you from $10 to $40 per year
  • Hosting: Depending on the membership plan hosting will cost you from $200 to $500
  • Maintenance: The charges of maintenance vary from $100 to $1000 depending on the nature of website and hosting.

Above is a brief cost comparison of different CMS. Now you can easily select the best CMS for your website.