About The Domain

Hi there! Speaking of amateurs and their presence in e-commerce industry is a very challenging option as they not only have to deal with the proper installation and working of their CMS portal but also have to work for the betterment of their e-commerce site and deploy good optimization in it so its rank better. Secondly, with a lot of hurdles in the way of development, it would be a lot difficult for them if they had to develop all on their own an then checking it for the final designs, removing errors, configuring script more properly and so on. This was limited to simple website design and when we take it to e-commerce level; we literally mean more security because of the presence of payment, and we need timely responses to the customers via emails so that we maintain a good customer satisfaction, etc. while above two are only limited for the betterment, there are also a lot of other factors that are more of a necessity in the development of e-commerce site.
As for me, I am a website developer who has already developed good number of websites including the e-commerce ones using different kind of CMS portals available like magneto, prestashop, zencart, Oscommerce, virtuemart, alegrocart, OsCmax, WordPress Ecommerce, Drupal commerce, opencart, and so on.


Choosing yourself a good choice of portal is what all matter; you would definitely go with the one that you are comfortable with and know the know-how and techniques of operating the portal. More or less almost all the portals have same kind of specs with a difference of few; some will be available for while some won’t be available. However, the most important requirements include responsiveness, security, and the option to customize as much as possible. As for the most of the users; they usually go for WordPress because of its ease in usability. I personally also go for the WordPress while developing websites for clients again for the reason that users like to prefer it and it is widely used as a starter and for advanced levels as well.
This particular site is going to describe and explain the same; which portal you should go for as an amateur, or what portal will provide you with most of the benefits; or what are the best options while going for a free portal or a paid one, what will be the advantage of using the paid one, also the numerous tips and tricks to use various portals, how can you benefit most out of these portals, and so on. These will be the major points highlighted in this site to help out the amateurs who have just stepped into this field and are not able to decide themselves regarding what portal to choose. Think of it as the rules that need to be kept in mind while making a decision. Secondly, every site has its own requirements and you cannot just go on and follow what others are doing if your site is not suitable with it. Thereby, this site will help you in this.