Build A Website WithPopular CMS

CMS is the short form of content management system. CMS is a platform that helps you to build a website. If you move to past you will find that there are only some numbered CMS available to construct a website. Those CMS did not have enough functionality and were not secure as well. However, today there are many CMS available that are not only secure but also do have multiple functions that will help you to build a website easily.

Websites are the necessary ingredient of any business today. If you are about to run any business and want to build a website as well- and don’t know which CMS you have to use or which CMS is going to be perfect for your website? Then there is no need to worry, below is the detail of popular CMS that will help you to select right CMS for your business website.


  1. WordPress CMS:

The most popular CMS currently across the globe is WordPress. According to a survey, about 23% of the total websites of the world are developed in the WordPress including the most popular social media website Facebook. Although, a decade before WordPress was used as a blogging platform but now it is the most popular CMS.

The most important factor of WordPress CMS is that it is an open source CMS and is compatible with Google. It means your website in WordPress will help you to gain extra benefits in Google ranking. Since WordPress CMS, code is a high quality standard code, so it helps the search engines to detect easily.

  1. Joomla CMS:

It is also one of the most popular CMS but with the comparison to WordPress it is not that much popular because WordPress has more user-friendly interface than Joomla. Joomla is also an open source interface and uses MySQL database for storing data and PHP for coding. With Joomla, you can easily develop websites like corporate, informative, business, eCommerce websites.

If you have a little knowledge of operating the website then you can easily manage your website at the front end of the website, without any need of changing the code or knowledge of back end.

The Popular brands that are using the Joomla CMS for their websites are Linux, Harvard, MTV and Citibank.


  1. Magneto CMS:

It is also an open source platform but you can use this platform only if you want to build eCommerce website. It uses MySQL along with Zend-PHP database for building website and storing data. Although, this CMS don’t provide the variety but for the eCommerce website this is the best platform ever because you will have intuitive interface, easy to use SEO tools and most importantly you will have the management tools that will help you to manage the goods appearance.

Above are the top three CMS interface of the world that help easy building of the website. Now you need to choose the one according to your requirements of the website.