Build Your Website According To Required CMS

Are you searching the right CMS for your website? Then you came to the right place, here are the details of the top and most used CMS of the world that will help you the most appropriate CMS to build your website. You can select the required CMS according to your requirements like budget, features, extensions, templates, domains, hosting, updates along with the type of website like social media, informative, blogging, portal etc.


  1. WordPress:

The most used CMS in the world is WordPress, initially it was only a blogging website but now it is the most powerful CMS of the world. WordPress is an open source CMS that is not only user-friendly but it is also used most in the world. Currently, about 23% of all the online websites are developed in WordPress CMS. If your budget is low for developing yourwebsite then WordPress is the best option as it offers the cheapest rates than other CMS websites. Secondly, you can also avail the following services as well in the WordPress:

  • Free domain with hosting for one year
  • Full management and administrative control
  • Multiple extensions for the website for free
  • Free templates and themes
  • Software update frequently
  • Free customer support
  • Free server account

You can also purchase premium themes and templates for your website from Almost all the themes and templates over the WordPress are responsive. If you want to build a e-commerce website and with huge amount of data then WordPress CMS is not the right choice, you need to go for the below CMS.

  1. Magento:

Magento is a powerful platform for building e-commerce websites with a huge amount of data. Magento is an open source platform and is the most secured platform then other platforms. The reason is that many online transactions are performed over the e-commerce websites and it needs to be a secured platform. Magento also offers a number of features along with services some of them are as follow:

  • Flexible and powerful intuitive interface
  • Easy to use tools for management of website
  • Best control over the goods appearance
  • Best SEO tools for the website and makes the keywords to get displayed in the search engines
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Client services

The online drawback in Magento is that it is extremely costly than other CMS.


  1. Joomla:

Joomla is an open source Content management system. It is very light, reliable, flexible, cheaper and easy to use CMS. It uses MySQL for storing content information and is based on PHP programming. The Joomla CMS platform is best for informative, corporate, small business and e-commerce websites.

Joomla has the following features that attract the new website developers.

  • Joomla CMS is easy to use.
  • Most number of extensions
  • Reliable CMS
  • Highest number of online Templates
  • Free updates, plug-ins, navigations are offered on signup

Above are the key features of the top CMS, all you need is to select the suitable CMS according to your requirements.